Amazon Consulting for Brands

We believe that all brands deserve control over their data, protection of their brand, and more sales than what a basic Amazon setup provides.

Our proven formula has built large and small brands into Amazon POWER brands, by delivering the following opportunities:

Access To More Customers

Amazon represents 50% of the ecommerce market in North America. Our system lets your brand capitalize on this massive pool of consumers while edging out your competitors.

Solid Amazon SEO Strategy

Today, 55% of online product searches begin on Amazon. Having your products found first takes far more than adding details in your Vendor or Seller Central account.

Increased Amazon Sales

We can help you increase your Amazon sales. One of our clients increased their revenue by 52% in the first month + an incredible 429% after six months.

Amazon Channel Protection

On Amazon, your brand equity is at risk due to third-party sellers. Secure your brand from the outset with our proven brand-protection strategy.

Boost Your Brand’s Strategy on Amazon


Making a success of your brand on Amazon means overcoming many obstacles.

We have helped countless brands like yours make more money, take back control of their brand, and access better data from their Amazon sales.

Retail Mafia’s Amazon POWER brand formula breaks down the keys to success on Amazon into a repeatable future-proof system that you can use to consistently improve your Amazon business.