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We are Retail Mafia.

We help you sell more via online marketplaces. We give you more control and collaboration within your marketplace sales channels, and help you eliminate online marketplace challenges.

Control & Collaborate

  • Take back control of your online marketplace channels.
  • Gain more leverage in your current direct marketplace channel relationships.
  • Collaborate with online marketplace experts.
  • Get exposure to everything happening with your brand on online marketplaces.

Sell More:

  • Take advantage of the sales volume online marketplaces offer your business.
  • Optimize your listings and drive traffic to your product.
  • Instantly launch new products across multiple marketplace channels.
  • Get complete visibility into pricing and other data allowing you to make better strategic brand decisions.

Avoid Challenges:

  • Keep up with ever changing marketplace rules and policies.
  • Avoid inventory disappearing into an anonymous marketplace black hole.
  • Purify and standardize your brandís representation.
  • Enforce and stabilize MAP pricing.



Amazon accounts for 46% of all US online retail sales.


eBay has over 168 million active buyers.


Walmart is now the third largest online marketplace in the US behind Amazon and eBay.


Cross border global eCommerce will expand at an annual average rate of 25% over the next five years.

In 2017 eCommerce sales in the US rose 15.8% to a total of
$452.8 billion.


We know your online marketplace challenges & pain points.

Resellers and marketplaces are selling your products with little or no control from you. Do they:

Compete Only on Price

Compete only on price, resulting in a race to the bottom that trashes your MAP policy.

Integration Issues

Provide you zero ability to integrate into your current marketplace channels or control your inventory.

No Exposure

Give you no exposure into the large amount of strategic data available surrounding your brandís online marketplace sales channels.

Poor Representation

Use inferior content and product images, creating a poor representation of your brand and potential negative customer experience with your product.

No Customer Service

Have no customer service to help your brand's customers.

No Launch or Growth Options

Give you no strategies to launch new or grow current products.


We solve your marketplace problems.

Our collaborative partnerships with online marketplaces, industry leading experts and powerful technology providers help eliminate your marketplace ecommerce challenges and add significant value to your online sales channels.

Price Protection

You have MAP price in place for a reason. With direct relationships with the marketplaces and technology partners we help you enforce your pricing policy while strictly adhering to MAP.

Brand Protection

Our technology partners enable us to seamlessly integrate quality content and images directly from your brand when posting your listings on marketplaces.

Marketplace Channel Integration

Teaming with our industry leading technology partners we can directly link into your marketplace systems allowing us to seamlessly work within your distribution channels.

Full Data Collaboration

You need as much relevant data as possible to help guide you to online marketplace success. We share all sales, customer, product and competitor insights collaborating with you to make the best strategic decisions for your business.

Sell on Multiple Marketplaces

You sell more by adding more marketplaces to your online sales channels. We can offer you access to over twenty different high caliber online marketplaces all managed centrally through us.

Launch Successfully or Build on Success

Our industry experts will help you launch your new product or increase sales within your current catalog using unique, well tested successful strategies and technology.

Fanatical Customer Service

Take advantage of our fanatical approach to customer service. We take a customer-centric approach to anyone who needs help with a purchase of your brand or product. We take the same approach in working directly with you.

Flexible Logistics

Our relationship with unique industry leading logistic providers allow you full visibility into your inventory at all times. You can also add warehouse capacity instantly, and fulfillment centers dynamically to reduce shipping times and costs.