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We are Retail Mafia.

We help brands navigate selling on Amazon. Our unique Amazon POWER brand formula will dramatically increase your sales, give you more control over your brand and allow you to dominate the competition.

POWER & Control:

  • Take back control of your brand on Amazon.
  • Gain more leverage with Amazon Retail, your resellers and even your bricks and mortar vendors.
  • Purify and standardize your brand across the Amazon platform.
  • Get exposure to everything happening with your brand on Amazon.

Sell More:

  • Take full advantage of the sales volume Amazon offers your business.
  • Optimize your listings and drive traffic to your product.
  • Instantly launch new additions to your catalog with success on Amazon.
  • Get complete visibility into all sales data allowing you to make better strategic brand decisions.

Dominate the Competition:

  • Allow your unique brand to pierce through the noise.
  • Access strategic brand data your competition can only dream of.
  • Enforce and stabilize competitive MAP pricing.
  • Keep up with ever changing Amazon rules and policies.


Increase Your Sales

Amazon accounts for 46% of all US online retail sales.

Discovery of Your Brand

55% of online product searches begin on Amazon.

Access More Customers

Amazon has over 100 million Prime customers.

Find More Buyers

Amazon is now the third largest and fastest growing advertising network in the world.

In 2017 Amazon sales rose 31% to a total of
$178 billion.


Making a success of your brand on Amazon means overcoming many obstacles.

How much does this sound like the reality you face?:

No Power and Little Control

This is your brand so why do you feel like you have very little say in so many aspects of how your business runs on Amazon?

Stagnant Sales

Your brand is selling on Amazon but you know you could be selling more. You are expecting big things from Amazon that have yet to materialize.

Lack of Strategic Data

You're at a loss finding, creating or managing much in the way of actionable strategic data surrounding your brand on Amazon.

Poor Brand Representation

Whether it's Amazon Retail, Amazon resellers or your own internal Amazon management, maintaining the integrity of your brand on Amazon is difficult.

Competition is Fierce

Your brand is losing sales to competition with inferior product on Amazon. The competition is also only getting stronger by the minute.

Selling on Amazon is Overwhelming

Keeping up with the Amazon platform rate of change is a struggle for your brand. Dedicating internal resource to try and keep up is expensive.


The Retail Mafia Amazon POWER brand formula solves your Amazon marketplace problems.

Our unique mix of tools, programs, channels, data and system help you take back power over your brand, dramatically increase sales and dominate the competition.

The Right Toolkit

Fully leverage Amazon and Retail Mafia's exclusive technology tools that provide you a wide variety of ways to succeed and take back control of your brand's Amazon business.

Get With the Program

Leverage our expertise with all the amazing programs that Amazon offers your business when selling on the platform. These programs will significantly improve your brand's Amazon sales and profit

Search and Be Found

Success on Amazon boils down to how easily customers find your product when searching keywords in Amazon. Our deep knowledge of Amazon search will ensure your brand is consistently in front of people ready to buy your product.

Data, Data, Data

You need as much relevant data as possible to help guide you to success on Amazon. Our POWER brand formula produces large amounts of sales, customer, product and competitor insights to action with your brand.

Change the Channel

Finding just the right mix between Vendor Central and Seller Central could mean the difference between success and failure on Amazon. The Amazon POWER brand formula helps you calibrate the perfect blend.

Formula for Success

Retail Mafia's Amazon POWER brand formula breaks down the keys to success on Amazon into a repeatable future-proof system that you can use to consistently improve your Amazon business.

Fanatical Customer Service

Take advantage of our fanatical approach to customer service. Our business is all about you and your brand. We are obsessed with helping our clients succeed on Amazon.

Your Amazon Team

Use the Amazon POWER brand formula yourself or let us manage all or a portion of your Amazon business for you. Whatever the case, your Amazon business will soar.